Khewra Salt Mines

Khewra slat mines are situated in Khewra District Jhelam. Location is about 160 KM from capital Islamabad, Pakistan. Salt generation per day is about 15000 metric tons per day. About 700 people work in salt mines to cut out the salt daily. Khewra salt mines are largest in Asia and second largest world wide. Following is the albums of some photo shots taken inside Khewra Salt Mines.

Khewra Rock Salt Mines - 2008-03-15 DSC04461.jpg - SONY DSC


Red Lily Wallpapers



Hawaii Surfing

Hawaii surfing has long been part of Polynesian culture. A sport reserved for royalty, the ancients would move from their winter homes in the north shore to their summer retreats in the south of the islands to pick up the best waves all year round. The sport was popularized by Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku in the 1920’s, whose statue claims prize position on Waikiki’s waterfront.

Free Nature Pics

Nature wallpaper that has a lake, greenery, and a huge mountain with some snow on it in the background.

Nature wallpaper that has a blue lake, mountains around it, and green grass and trees. There's a brown deer near the lake.

Nature wallpaper that shows green grassy fields with orange and blue skies around.

Nature wallpaper that shows a close up view of a lake with green mountains and blue skies in the background.

Nature wallpaper that shows a huge turquoise colored ocean with green tree filled islands in it and blue skies, white clouds and mountains in the background.

Nature wallpaper that shows the middle of a green forest with a stream running over the rocks. And there's a wooden house to the side.

Nature wallpaper that shows a close up of beach sand with a wooden branch on it and the ocean with the sun setting in the background.